Welcome to
Stephens Transportation.

Stephens Transportation Corp. has
been in the transportation industry
for over fifteen years.
What we have done is assemble the
best drivers the industry has to
offer, So we can guarantee that
each and every appointment will be
made on time with a professional
and competent driver.
Our Fleet
We Currently service all of
California with twenty 53’ dry vans
and five 53’ refrigerated units

Our logistics department
specializes in national moves as
well as LTL's with a database of
hundreds of Owner operated
trucks as well as a full service
brokerage for those hard to move
Need a quote?
Call one of our experienced
transportation specialists
(303) 670-6509
.  We are familiar with “blind shipments”
and delivering to grocery warehouses.
Each driver carry’s 24#1 pallets on their
trailer so pallet exchange is no problem.
Time sensitive?
Thats what we do best!